What we offer

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of textile machineries with more than 18 years of experience.
We offer to our valued clients full service with our professional technical know-how.

Pre-sale consultation

With our professional knowledge on textile industry, we provide our best solutions or suggestions of textile machinery for our clients to make sure they get what they need.

Production management

We offer full production management, including quality control, time control and updates of production to ensure that the products reach clients on time and as per requested standard.


We have different means of transportation for clients and give best suggestions as per nature of products, so that clients can get the delivery safely and promptly.

Training service

For many machines, training service is necessary for new customers, we have a professional training team to enable clients to start our machines smoothly.


We offer full after-service to our products, including technical consultation, operation and part replacement guidances etc. to make sure that the machines in clients' workshop are in proper running condition.

Spare parts service

We have ready stock for spare parts, we can provide prompt delivery for the spare parts required by customers.